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Integrated data platform offering services (APIs) to power travel offer marketing products across verticals.


Sputnik: Fares API

Sputnik is PROS’s standard Flight Fare API service that enables various products to utilize a central service for flight fare display. This is a read-only API that returns information based on a specific query made.

Sputnik Service Documentation

Hangar: Airports API

The Hangar Service API is providing airports belonging to a Tenant, and information about them including the hierarchy, geo-coordinates, etc.

Hangar Service Documentation

Hangar Service enable filtering airports based on specific Category(ies) and / or Tag(s) - Location Attributes - specified at a Hierarchy level.

Location Attributes Service Documentation

Deep Link API

The Deep Link MS transforms a form-data (coming from the Booking Mask or the Booking Pop-up) using a Booking Configuration to generate a URL that could be used to render the client page. This configuration has been created in a JSON format that is stored in a MongoDB database. Once the Deep Link MS is requested, the Deep Link Service loads that configuration from the database and dynamically generates the URL with all parameters.

Deep Link Documentation