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PROS airModules

Highly portable, engaging, and interactive widgets oriented to increase direct sales, and improve customer acquisition.


airModules® are engaging and interactive widgets that display dynamic prices, increase direct sales, and improve customer acquisition. These are highly portable and can be placed throughout your website to drive customer retention at every touchpoint with the customer.
There are multiple designs and functionalities of airModules® to choose from depending on the customer acquisition and sales goals. Some popular designs include Histograms, Calendars, Lists, Mosaics, Maps, Carousels, Grids, and more. airModules® were designed to engage and convert users at all stages of the sales funnel originating from all digital channel sources – search engines, social networks, display ads, email, and affiliates.

Actual examples of airModules® and their functionalities can be seen on the PROS Marketplace (opens in a new tab).

The system to easily manage the placement of airModules® is the PROS Module Manager.